Classic cafe pole - solid brass - 150cm - 200cm



  • The classic cafe pole. Chic understated simplicity crafted in solid unlaquered brass, with a polished finish, complete with a set of solid end brass brackets and a centre bracket. The ideal pairing for our cafe curtains.

    Available in standard widths of 150cm, 175cm and 200cm (width including brackets)

    •  Please note these poles arrive in two pieces and will need to be fitted with a central support bracket to create the join. The central support bracket has a circular base, with a diameter of 27mm.

    • To ensure the perfect fit and avoid measuring mistakes, have a competent person cut the poles to size on site. We recommend using a hacksaw or angle grinder.

    • Please note; our poles are supplied with small slotted screws. These are only suitable to be screwed directly into wood or PVC, they are too small to be fitted into masonry or plasterboard.