Solstice - spring


  •  This new design by Zoe Gibson is about mark-making but also marking time; repetition but also contrast. Solstice comes from the Latin solstitium - ‘sun standing still’ - and refers to the times in the year when the sun reaches its highest or lowest point in the sky. Ancient astronomers came to know this as the day where the sun appeared fixed and enduring. Zoe’s design chronicles these moments of high contrast through its repeatedly mirrored marks. 

    The design was first shown in her exhibition at Generator projects in Dundee where she lino-printed 100m of wallpaper by hand. Zoe used the technique her Auntie taught her, which she, in turn, had been taught by Zoe’s great-grandmother: the late, great Peggy Angus.

    Solstice tells tales of time not only through its subject - suns and moons dancing between light and shade - but also the knowledge passed down by familial generations of women, each time sparking new cycles of creativity. 

    This wallpaper is surface-printed to retain as much original texture as possible. The application style is paste the paper.

    This design is printed to order. Please order the correct amount of rolls needed to ensure continuity across batches.

  • Repeat Straight
    Repeat length 52 cm
    Roll length 10 m
    Trimmed width 52 cm
    Paper Non-woven