Issue 156 – Spring 2024




    FRAME's design director Barbara Iwanicka explains how the creative choices behind our latest issue reflect its focus on meaningful experiences.

    And once again, he makes his presence known. Although invisible at first, his unmistakable sounds fill the air. Each morning, as we pass through the small park adorned with numerous towering chestnut trees, there he is: the striking red-headed woodpecker. Amidst the abundance of majestic, aged trees, it's unexpected to find him perched atop the imposing metal climbing structure, more akin to a contraption of discomfort than a playground for children, in my opinion. Yet, he seems to relish in creating his rhythmic cacophony upon it. It's become a ritual, a part of both his routine and ours. I'm continually intrigued by his unconventional choices, and I cherish sharing this experience with my kids. They marvel at his presence every time with the same enthusiasm and wonder.

    Now more than ever, it seems people aren't merely seeking a fleeting escape. They long for authenticity, a tangible connection to the present moment, rather than a constant diversion from reality. The latest edition of FRAME magazine is all about experiencing the real world. From on-stage activism and meaningful retail to expedition dining and stress-reducing airports, this issue explores the significance, depth and emotional impact of spatial activations.

    To enhance the theme we have decided, yet again, to introduce an additional typeface to the design: Monaako by Altiplano. Inspired by Charles Lupot's letterforms of the iconic Saint-Raphaël logo, which is a familiar sight throughout Southern France, especially along the picturesque Route des Alpes leading to Nice. Described by its creators as a transformation from the past to the present, Monaako offers a unique perspective from the other side of the Alps. Its five-degree slant allows for nonlinear compositions, each a journey to unexplored territories. The typeface transcends mere words, evolving into imagery, illustrations, and logos. ‘Monaako is an invitation to the road,’ say its creators. ‘The destination is imprecise – but we can smell the beach.’ With its blend of calligraphic heritage and contemporary slant, Monaako provides a refreshing outlook and lends itself to dynamic and unforeseen compositions.

    This issue is an experience in its own right. Don’t miss it!