• Franquemont are passionate about preserving the global heritage of textile design for classic and contemporary homes.  Founder Svetlana draws boundless inspiration from historic motifs and traditional crafts around the world to make timeless artistic textiles. 

    The Heritage collection was born out of witnessing the beauty of a piece of batik fabric which inspired Svetlana to explore the rich history of batik. She was struck by the traditional craftsmanship: “the collection is an ode to the prints of the past.” Her fascination with the Story of Caroline Von Franquemont creating batiks with a mix of Javanese and European motifs was so great that the company is named after her.

    Prefiguring the pieces design and production, their pieces have developed out of endless research and experimentation. All of their designs have been hand-painted and drawn to make extraordinary fabrics. 

    Franquemont's celebration of a rich heritage of craftsmanship is also reflected in the fabric being printed in England and woven at the finest mills in Europe.

    "Our mission is to create artisanal pieces with the same enduring style and quality as the heirloom textiles we celebrate."