Gemma Moulton grew up in Suffolk, in an area that has been at the forefront of British silk weaving for centuries. She fell in love with textile production during a spell working in the couturier department at a local mill, and went on to work in the fashion industry in London.

In 2020 Moulton founded East London Cloth, a company created to make artisan-sourced and bespoke-style textiles accessible to a wider audience, shaped by her practical working knowledge. Soon afterwards, she began a close collaboration with a traditional silk mill, based in her hometown. CC Moulton was born.

“Whilst maintaining a deep respect and paying constant homage to historic weaving processes, our fabrics act also as a personal reminder that the visible textiles of a project should remain a joyful part of the decorating process. I aim to emphasises the convivial, whilst pushing things in a non conventional and almost boisterous manor.”

Explore her new collection Left Bank by following the link below